Aug, 2020

Twin boys with rare genetic condition in the fight of their lives

One-year-old twins Louis and Theo Hankey currently spend every second day in hospital for life-saving infusions.

The Gold Coast boys have spent more days in Gold Coast University Hospital than at home in their first year of life due to a rare genetic condition.

The condition, congenital nephrotic syndrome, is a kidney condition that begins in infancy and typically leads to irreversible kidney failure by early childhood.

There has been reports of 200,000 to one chance of getting this particular genetic condition. For two non-identical twins to both have the same condition is unheard of.

What it means for these Gold Coast boys and their parents, Jay and Kath, is more than a year of searching for answers to keep Louis and Theo alive. The infusions keep a certain protein at safe levels inside their tiny bodies.

Louis and Theo are just two patients our public hospitals see every day of the year requiring life-saving medical treatment.

Wear a scrub hat and help sick kids in hospital

You can help patients like Louis and Theo have access to vital medical equipment, world-class research and interactive play and sensory areas in our hospitals.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign Scrub Up September™ for kids in hospital is kicking off next month and now is your chance to fundraise your way to make a difference to the one in three Gold Coast kids who need our public hospitals every year.

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