Apr, 2017

Lifesaving medical equipment helps sick babies

After entering the world by emergency C-section, baby boy Wolf was diagnosed with two rare life-threatening medical disorders – a congenital heart condition and a bowel defect.

Having already endured two urgent open heart surgeries, Wolf underwent another challenging operation on his tiny bowel at 11 months old.

An expert neonatal and paediatric surgical team used specialist Laparoscopic equipment measuring just 3mm to make small incisions in his abdomen to reconstruct a passageway and opening at the end of the digestive tract.

The Laparoscopic surgical instruments, which were purchased by the Foundation thanks to generous community donations, allow doctors to perform minimally invasive surgery on even the smallest patients.

This offers babies and infants the best chance for faster, less painful recovery and long-term health benefits.

Specialist Laparoscopic equipment