NoVa 2023 | Non-Valvular Structural Cardiac Interventions

June 3rd and 4th, 2023

International Conference on Non-Valvular Structural Cardiac Interventions.

The conference is aimed at providing clinicians with the opportunity to enhance awareness, skills and update on the scientific evidence base related to non-valvular structural cardiac interventions. This is also a forum for sharing clinical experience, expertise and lessons learnt with challenging cases. It is expected to contribute to ongoing professional development of the participating clinicians.

Conference Information




Registration for Specialist Cardiologists


Registration for Fellows, Allied Health staff, junior doctors, nurses, registrars, student doctors, student nurses.


Venue and Parking


Gold Coast University Hospital on Saturday 3rd June 2023, and Sunday 4th June 2023.

The conference will be held in the large lecture theatre in the Pathology and Education (PED) which is the building located opposite Gold Coast University Hospital


Parkwood Park ‘n’ Ride (Parkwood tram station) – Free parking with an 8-9min tram ride to the venue.

Gold Coast University Hospital multi storey parking with Secure Parking – Paid parking of up to $19 per day



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