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Chantele Solomons

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Chantele joined Gold Coast Hospital Foundation in November 2023, bringing with her an impressive background in brand marketing. Having held Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager Marketing positions across diverse industries such as Health and Beauty, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, and Tourism, Chantele has accumulated over 15 years of valuable experience in crafting and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Passionate about brand development and marketing, she has successfully executed numerous initiatives that consistently drove growth. In her leadership role at Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Chantele oversees the entire marketing function, including digital marketing, social media, brand growth, and supporting fundraising initiatives. Her commitment ensures that the foundation continues to deliver on its brand promises to the community.

Beyond her professional achievements, Chantele expresses her creativity through crafts, enjoys reading and listening to business and personal development audio books and is an avid netball player.