Feb, 2014

Anastasia’s story: the Foundation saved our baby girl

The first few hours with your baby should be filled with joy and bonding. But, for first-time mother Stacey, this time was filled with fear as she watched her tiny newborn fight for life.

The Gold Coast local gave birth at 37 weeks gestation to gorgeous twin girls – Anastasia and Alexis.

Due to bleeding behind the placenta, first twin Anastasia lost one third of her blood and was extremely unwell.

Thankfully, baby Anastasia was treated by Gold Coast University Hospital’s highly skilled doctors trained in infant resuscitation techniques and using specialist resuscitation equipment purchased by Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

The newborn care team used this Foundation-funded equipment to keep Anastasia breathing until she’d had her blood transfusion.

“This amazing equipment and the doctor’s incredible skills saved our baby girl’s life. How can we ever thank the Foundation enough?” – Anastasia and Alexis’ mum, Stacey.